Sunday, December 18, 2016

International Awards for "Police Wife," 2nd Edition Out in Jan. 2017

My updated and revised second edition of the book Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence is coming out in early January 2017. The first edition picked up these international book awards:

- American Society of Journalists and Authors' Arlene Book Award
- Hollywood Book Festival non-fiction book award (runner-up)
- eLit Book Awards (silver)
- INDIEFAB Book of the Years Awards (bronze)
- Next Generation Indie Book Awards (finalist)

"Excellent job.... An important read."
- Det.  Albert "Bud" Seng, PhD, Retired, Tucson Police Department, Arizona

Police Wife takes you inside the tightly closed police world and one of its most explosive secrets: domestic violence in up to 40 percent of police homes, which departments mostly ignore or let slide.

The second edition includes the gripping new police wife memoir of journalist Amy Morrison, the first-ever international survey of police departments on the issue and eye-opening info from never-before-released police documents.

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"I loved your book"

Praise for Police Wife:

"Excellent job.... An important read."
- Det. Albert "Bud" Seng, PhD, Retired, Tucson Police Department, Arizona

"Amy's story mirrors mine in so many ways.... All of us associated with this profession must make it clear that domestic violence will not be tolerated in our ranks."
- Deputy Chief Dottie Davis, Retired, Fort Wayne Police Department, Indiana

"I loved your book.... This is a book that should be given to the wife or girlfriend of every single male police officer."
- Sergeant Amy Ramsay, PhD, Ontario, senior police policy analyst, former president, International Association of Women Police

"Thoroughly documented.... A must-read."
- Deborah Harrison, sociologist, University of New Brunswick

- "From the very first page, Police Wife sensitizes readers to the horrors of domestic violence, highlighting the extra challenges faced by victims of officer-batterers.... Police Wife takes a comprehensive look at a complex topic.... It's a substantial reference that includes endorsements from experts as well as practical resources for victims in the appendices."
- Kimberly Bourgeois, Montreal Review of Books (spring 2016)

UPDATE (Jan. 19, 2017): Police Wife is now available on Amazon. Share the Police Wife blog with your friends.

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